20 April 2007

Holocaust book now online

The Holocaust Chronicle is an 800-page book with more than 1,800 images, first published in April 2000.

It is now online and searchable here.

It is searchable through the index, keyword, chapter, page number or date search (with pull-down menus).

Searching for "Mogilev," brings up
August 19, 1941: Einsatzkommando B as well as local collaborators in Mogilev, Belorussia, kill more than 3000 Jews.

And a photograph:

Under the control of Einsatzgruppe B of the SS, these dejected Jewish men in Mogilev, Belorussia, march to forced labor or death. The large size of the Star of David on their clothing suggests that this photograph may have been intended as part of a propaganda film, designed to fuel hatred of the Jew as a subhuman threat to society. Oversized stars, signs hung around necks, degrading labor--all of these were filmed and photographed to transform human beings into the sorts of Jewish caricatures favored by Nazi cartoonists and illustrators.
Photo: Bundesarchiv / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive

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