17 March 2007

Rescuing orphans in Galicia in WWII

In a moving (but poorly translated) article on the Ynetnews site is an introduction to Sarah and Abraham Laub, who took in children orphaned during WWII, gave them food and shelter, and brought them to Israel.

The Laub's story began in Probuzna (formerly part of Galicia; today Ukraine).

The Laubs then traveled with the kids to a children's home in Avelka, a village in Chelbinski province. There were 120 children, 44 of them Jewish but unaware of their religion.

The article, which strangely is in the site's Travel section, is mainly a collection of photographs, taken by Abraham, from those days.

Ynewnews indicates that this is the first of three parts of the the story of "Sarah's Children." One hopes Ynewnews has the remaining articles better translated.

The photographs include the homes of Probuzna (which looks eerily like a Catskills bungalow colony), synagogue, study center, market, funerals, community groups (such as Keren Kayemet), Hebrew school, summer camp, and the children in Avelka with Abraham and Sarah.

To see the photos, click here.

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