19 March 2007

Remarkable reconnections - A Holocaust survivor reunion

Since October 2006, I've been raptly watching an unfolding Holocaust survivor reunion after 66 years between a a Polish woman and her Israeli cousin.

From a simple e-mail to the JewishGen discussion group written by a young Polish woman in Warsaw, forwarded to a dedicated researcher in Ra'anana, Israel, this story continues to evolve as more details are investigated.

The story connects Poland, Israel and the U.S., and may eventually connect families in London, Paris and Antwerp. Polish TV is making a documentary about the story.

My complete story about this saga can be read here
in the Jerusalem Post's Online Edition.

"Non-stop sleuthing produces a story that twists at every turn: Wilno, Warsaw, the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv, a Righteous Gentile, a hidden slip of paper in a candlestick, the Exodus, American uncles, an illustrious rabbinical family and more.

Enter Warsaw's Marianna Hoszowska, 23, who volunteers to assist members of the Children of the Holocaust Society; Maria Kowalska (Masha Fajnsztejn), 68, a toddler saved by her Righteous Gentile nanny Stanislawa Butkiewicz; and former Londoner, researcher Patricia (Trisher) Wilson, 59, of Ra'anana. ... ..."

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