30 March 2007

New family seder traditions

The seder is a great place to talk about your family's unique history, follow old customs and establish new traditions.

I'm sure there are many of us who remember sitting through interminable seders while we children were starving and bored. Now there are plenty of seders that dare to be different, using toys that represent the plagues, masks, funny songs, skits and much more.

One memorable Persian seder we attended in Los Angeles was held in the old tradition, sitting on the floor around the sofreh (the set tablecloth), reclining on pillows. It was fun until we all tried to stand up. Thankfully, dinner was served at the table!

Among the tips in this article:

We had small children. I found a Haggadah that was a play — the story of Moses — that had puppets you could cut out. I sent the puppets to every person who was invited to the seder and told everyone they could not sit at the table unless they had a decorated puppet with them.
People cut out fabric to dress the puppets.
The kids were sheep. They would all say “baah, baah, baah.”
We had a blast.

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