07 March 2007

Looking for Latvian resources?

If Latvia is your interest, here's something for you. The new Latvia SIG (special interest group) Web site is up and running at JewishGen. Estonian information is also included, along with information for those just starting a geographic quest.

SIG editor Barry Shay welcomes all comments and suggestions, and is looking for additional photographs and materials to add to the site.

The Latvian State Historical Archives hold vital records from 1854-1905. The complete inventory of Jewish records is at the Shtetlinks Riga Web site.

JewishGen's Latvia Database has about 95,000 entries and is frequently updated as more information becomes available. Major categories are Latvia, Livland Gubernia, Courland Gubernia and Vitebsk Gubernia, each with various components. Additional information is here.

For the information on Estonia, which utilizes Mark Ryback's site and additional articles, click here.

There's also a history of Jews in Latvia and Courland, a section on shtetl memories, the small "shtetlach" of Latvia, book reviews and links for more information.

For a book on Latvia and Estonia resources, click here

Happy Hunting!

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