27 March 2007

Genealogy teleconferencing series

Sharon Sergeant of AncestralManor is offering a great lineup of experts to lead single-session topics. There are some really interesting offerings, and Sharon has informed me that she's been speaking with several Jewish genealogy experts to offer specialty sessions.

Each conference begins with an intro of the resident expert and the topic. The speaker will present information in segments, and each segment will follow with a Q&A session.

Preregistration is required to obtain the call-in phone number and a PIN. Costs vary from free to $15 per session for the session and the PDF handout. Recordings of some sessions are available as MP3 and PDF downloads. See each topic page for details.

Upcoming sessions, all at 8 p.m. (ET) include:

Ancestral Cash - Finding Lost, Missing and Hiding Ancestors at GenealogyBank
DNA & Genealogy, Weird DNA for April Fool's Day!
Finding Mariners, Seafaring Ancestors, Ships and Maritime News with GenealogyBank
Emerging Online Resources and Technology Tools
Ask the Experts: General Problem Solving
Disaster Preparedness for Family Historians
Loyalists in the American Revolution: Resources, Indexes, Documents and Migrations
Map Research: Uncovering Clues in Your Ancestor's Neighborhoods
Migration Case Studies
New Genealogy Research Methodology: Electronic Sources and Resources
Other Sources with Genealogical Clues
Provenance and Ephemera: Information to Artifacts and Artifacts to Information
Reviews of Out of Print Genealogy Resources
Scholarly Writing for Any Genealogical Publication
Using Post Roads, U.S. Mail Contracts, Stagecoach Routes, Livery Stables
and Inns to Find Your Ancestors with GenealogyBank
Using Probate Records as a Shopping List for Other Sources

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