25 March 2007

Buenos Aires: list of marriages 1937-1996

Brush off your Spanish and check out this interesting Web site from Temple Chalom in Buenos Aires.

Argentina's Sephardic Jewish Association was founded on November 2, 1929, and Temple "La Paz" Chalom held its first service on Rosh Hashanah 1937.

For a list of 1,118 marriages at the synagogue - from 1937-1996 - click here.

The names are both Sephardic and Ashkenazi.

The synagogue has an 800-year-old Torah scroll written in Spain. The scroll survived the 1492 expulsion and was brought by Spanish exiles to the island of Rhodes, where it survived the Nazis. It was donated by the Jewish Community of Rhodes to the Chalom Community Center.

For the history of this Torah and how it survived, click here.

Additionally, some issues of the synagogue's newsletter are online. They include interesting articles in Spanish or Ladino on a range of topics, including "Jewish Doctors of Salonika."

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