17 March 2007

Bad Arolsen records: Big business complicity ?

Edwin Black, author of IBM and the Holocaust, reports on the Bad Arolsen-ITC records, and what those archives reveal about the complicity of IBM and insurance companies.

Among the 40 million pages are what could be explosive records uncovering which companies had a hand in the atrocities.

Black writes about what is in the secret archives.

Only an estimated 25 percent of the prodigious collection relates to Jews. The remainder covers the fate of Gypsies, Poles, Dutch, and other groups targeted for oppression and destruction. Taken as a whole, the documents provide details of how the Nazis masterminded the elimination of European Jewry and other enemies of the Third Reich.

It offers vast additional proof of IBM’s minute-to-minute involvement in the 12-year Holocaust, new insights into the corporate beneficiaries of Germany’s slave and forced labor programs, an explosion of evidence that insurance companies participated in and benefited from the decimation of the Jews, and the dark details of persecution suffered by millions of individuals who would have otherwise disappeared into the bleak vastness of Hitler’s war against humanity.

Black describes the four groups of documents, why the contents of each may prove explosive when made public, and when each might finally be opened to public scrutiny.

It is an eye-opener.

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