06 February 2007

New exhibits at the virtual Museum of Family History

Steve Lasky never rests. His Web site is continually updated.

Some new exhibitions in his virtual museum:

"The Life of Nina Finkelstein: Recollections of a Friend" tells the story in photographs and text about Nina Finkelstein, who survived the Kovno Ghetto.

"Holocaust Memorial of Canada" is Steve's third exhibit on Holocaust memorials and includes photographs and inscriptions of Holocaust memorials in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. It includes English inscriptions and the translated Hebrew inscriptions.

He's added descriptions of the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach, Florida and the Holocaust Memorial Park in Brooklyn, New York.

The Web site now includes a page of concentration camp records at the Northeast (New York) branch of the National Archives (NARA). He has found actual registration cards for people he has interviewed. Adds Steve, "For the inmates who tragically perished at Buchenwald, or at other camps they might have been transferred to from Buchenwald, there are often notations on the registration lists as to the location (camp name) and exact date of their death, i.e. whether it took place at Buchenwald or at another location."

He was able to learn the death date of an inmate transferred from Buchenwald to Bergen-Belsen in early 1945 from the microfilmed registration list at NARA. He contacted the people at Bergen-Belsen who told him when the person actually arrived there.

His latest update has added photographs of Holocaust memorials in Poland and Belarus to the Holocaust Memorials of Europe exhibition.

There are also pre-war photos of 14 Polish synagogues, in addition to family photos of the same era.

New Web pages now provide links to parts of the site about certain regions of Eastern Europe: Belarus, the Bialystok region, Gesher Galicia, Lithuania and Ukraine

Steve advises visitors to periodically check the Recent Updates page to see what's new and use the Site Map page as an index or table of contents for the entire site.

Remember that Steve depends on the Jewish genealogical community for photographs, stories of family life before and during World War II, etc. Let him know if you have appropriate materials.

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