28 February 2007

London: South Africa at the Jewish Museum

If you are a former South African living in Britain, you're invited to meet the curators of the Jewish Museum in London and bring along family history materials on March 11.

The museum is looking for objects, photographs, documents, ephemera, memoirs (unpublished) and reminiscences relating to the lives and family histories of Jewish South Africans now in Britain.

Of particular interest:
• Jewish immigrant journeys to South Africa, especially if via Britain
• Early settlers' lives, including family, work and religion.
• Jewish life in relation to apartheid
• Journeys from South Africa to Britain, migration and rebuilding lives.
• Contemporary community life – South African Jewish community organizations in Britain

A significant Jewish South African community has settled in Britain, mainly in London and, according to the museum, it deserves representation in collections reflecting the diverse roots and history of the Jewish community.

The Jewish Museum is undergoing redevelopment, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund - a new flagship museum will open in 2009, with a new gallery that explores the contemporary British Jewish community. Donated materials will be of great value for research and display.

If you are a Jewish South African living in the UK, and are prepared to donate relevant items, they'll be happy to see you. Items should be in good condition with strong personal stories attached to them. If you have old family photographs, the museum will digitally copy them and return the originals.

For more information about the event, click here.

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