26 January 2007

Portland, Oregon: DNA and genealogy event

If you're in the Portland area, don't miss this one.

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Oregon is hosting Family Tree DNA's CEO/founder Bennett Greenspan. Greenspan will speak about "Tracing Family Roots Through DNA" on February 14.

For all event details, see this story in Portland's Jewish Review:

Nadene Goldfoot, JGSO publicity chair, said that she and her Portland family believed they were "the only Goldfoots in the world until I started doing the genealogy of our family and started doing surname searches."

Goldfoot found an Ian Goldfoot in Houston, where Family Tree DNA is located. Ian and Goldfoot's brother have undergone a DNA test to determine if the families are related and if so, how closely.

"By the time our genealogy meeting takes place, I should know not only the results of the DNA test, but if it proves to show a connection, just how close we are in that relationship," said Goldfoot. "It's a wonderful thing when paper trails just don't exist."

The Jewish genealogical societies in the northwestern U.S. - including Seattle, Portland and Eugene - have teamed up to bring in great speakers and share the costs. Kol hakavod to their leaders!

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