14 January 2007

Poland: More records available now

If your ancestors come from Poland, or what was originally Poland and is now Lithuania or Ukraine, please remember to search Jewish Records Indexing-Poland.

Stanley Diamond and his dedicated team continue to provide additional information to genealogists. JRI-P's associate director Hadassah Lipsius, who also serves as Shtetl Co-op coordinator, recently provided an update to new records.

Eight towns - Bialobrzegi, Daleszyce, Jozefow Ordynacki, Konskie, Pakosc, Polaniec and Radoszyce - are now complete (all available LDS data has been indexed), while more data was added for Bytom, Checiny, Gliwice, Gliwice County, Karczew, Ozorkow, Sobkow and Wlosszczowa. More than 30,000 new records are available and many additional microfilms completed.

Lipsius also said that the Sulwalki LDS project, announced in February 2005 as intending to index microfilms for all Suwalki-area towns, now has fully indexed 14 towns from more than 40 microfilms (from the collections of the Mormon Family History Library) and resulted in nearly 45,000 additional records.

The completely indexed towns follow, with those now in Lithuania noting the Lithuanian name: Bakalarzewo, Berzniki, Filipow, Krasnopol, Lozdzeije (Lazdijai), Olita (Alytus), Przerosl, Punsk, Sejny, Sereje (Seirijai), Suwalki, Szaki (Sakiai), Wiejsieje (Veisiejai) and Wizajny.

Additionally, the Serock Patrynomic File (1811-1825) is available. Most records are for people living in Serock, with a few from other places such as Ciechanow, Komorow, Nasiolski, and Warszawa.

To find the list, click here -> Sources -> Patrynomic Records -> Patrynomic Years -> Serock.

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