05 January 2007

International Conference on Jewish Genealogy - Update

The main Jewish genealogy event of the year will be the 27th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy which will be held Sunday, July 15 - Friday, July 20, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Just announced by the Conference Commmittee:

*Some 120 programs on a wide array of topics will be offered this year.

*Ten special interest groups (SIGs) will have themed programs, meetings or luncheons: Gesher Galicia, ROM-SIG, Litvak SIG, GER-SIG, Hungarian SIG, Latvia SIG, Sephardic SIG, Ukraine SIG, Austria/Czech SIG and Belarus SIG. Some have invited specialists or archivists. Register for the luncheons at the website.

*DNA has been a major component at recent conferences. This year, an evening program is also planned on Wednesday, July 18. "Our Heritage and Our Health: Genealogy, DNA and Genetic Conditions Among the Ashkenazi Jews,” will be presented by patient care liaison/certified genetic counselor Gary S. Frohlich of Genzyme Therapeutics (Cambridge, MA). He'll talk about the importance of knowing one's family health history – an integral part of genealogy – and the increased risks of inherited diseases among Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jews. The company is also sponsoring a dessert buffet.

*Discussions are being held with the Utah Historical Society to offer self-guided walking tours and bus tours of Jewish Salt Lake City. The area’s Jewish experience dates from the 1820s, when trappers, traders and explorers passed through, and in the mid-1850s, when individuals and families arrived.

*The extensive event FAQ covering all conference details has two new entries:
“What accommodations will be made by the Conference for participants with disabilities?” provides information concerning access, hotel rooms and the Family History Library.
“How does the scheduling of the Conference between 17th of Tammuz (July 3, 2007) and the 9th of Av (July 24, 2007) impact the observant?” provides information on vegetarian dining options during the conference and more.

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