13 January 2007

China: Restoring Jewish Shanghai

If your connection to things Asian runs deeper than gastronomy, or if your family history has a Shanghai connection, read on.

Built by Russian immigrants in 1927, Shanghai's Ohel Moishe synagogue is undergoing restoration. The building, which housed the Shanghai Jewish Museum, is closed during the renovation which is expected to take five months.

"Little Vienna," home to the city's once-bustling Jewish community, is also being restored in through a project that began in 2003. With a war-time population of some 30,000, swelled by refugees from war-torn Europe, it once had six synagogues, a cafe, school, a newspaper and library.

The article quotes Rabbi Shalom D. Greenberg:
"In remembrance of kindness to Jewish refugees, the Jewish community in Shanghai and abroad will launch a campaign in spring to assist the needy in the area, many of whom are low-income, elderly, disadvantaged and are being relocated."

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