07 January 2007

Changing kosher traditions; a.ka. What would grandma say about jalapeno gefilte fish?

Our ancestors who lived in the shtetls of Eastern Europe, where kasha (buckwheat groats) reigned supreme and all chickens were free-range, would likely be overwhelmed by the plethora of kosher edibles available today in the United States. The kosher cuisine industry rakes in some $11 billion annually.

While it's not strictly genealogy, our food traditions often give clues as to where we hail from and how our ancestors lived.

What would our forefathers think of jalapeno pepper-flavored gefilte fish? What would our great-great-grandmothers think of such KosherFest offerings as sea salt caramels, fig araq liqueur and wheatgrass-and-spiruline smoothies?

What will your family's incredible edible traditions be in the future?

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