27 December 2006

U.K.: Jewish cemetery records

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain (JGSGB) has announced through its JCR-UK SIG discussion list that it has been negotiating with the U.K. Federation of Synagogues for the release of burial records covering two of London's major cemeteries: Edmonton (opened in 1889) and Rainham (from February 1938), totalling more than 70,000 graves.

The JGSGB has received 27,000 records, although only a small portion currently fall within specific dates covered by the agreement. However, other records will be added when they are transcribed from ledgers into the database.

According to JGSGB council member Louise Messik, the agreement states that access to these records is only for JGSGB members, through the Members' Corner section of its Web site.

If your research requires Jewish cemetery records in London, contact membership@jgsgb.org.uk and ask for information.


  1. Schelly,
    I find Tracing the Tribe a most useful service to genealogists. Receiving the blog by email gives me useful tips to sites and valuable information.

    Chaim Freedman

  2. Thank you, Chaim, for your kind words.