17 December 2006

Talking at last - an Iranian survivor

In Los Angeles, Menashe Ezrapour, 88, is the only known Iranian Jewish Holocaust survivor.

After 60 years, he's sharing his story and helping to connect Los Angeles's major Diaspora Iranian community to this black period in history.

His story should have been told at the so-called Teheran Holocaust Conference last week, as should that of Iranian diplomat Abdol Hossein Sardari, who was honored posthumously in April 2004 by the Wiesenthal Center.

Born in Hamadan, Ezrapour was honored earlier this year at the Nessah Cultural Center - one of the major Iranian synagogues in Beverly Hills, which is headed by an old friend, Rabbi David Shofet, the son of the late Chief Rabbi of Iran, Hakham Yedidiah Shofet.

Sardari was the Iranian ambassador to France while it was under German occupation during WWII. He stopped the deportation of 200 Iranian Jews in Paris, and provided several hundred other non-Iranian Jews with Iranian passports.

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