12 December 2006

Swabbing for DNA in Baltimore

An excellent cover story on DNA and genealogy by Barbara Pash has just appeared in the Baltimore Jewish Times.

Several genealogists are quoted, including the Jewish Genealogical Society of Maryland's current president Elise Friedman and past president Richard Goldman; professional genealogist Gary Mokotoff (of Avotaynu), Dr. Doron Behar, Dr. Karl Skorecki, and Family Tree DNA's founder Bennett Greenspan.

Only one comment to an otherwise very good article. Pash mentions the Genghis Khan link to Miami resident Tom Robinson, but doesn't say that this is simply not true -- there is no such link. Family Tree DNA had tested Robinson several years before, and then retested him after the story broke, and as this blog discussed, they discovered that he was not of the same haplogroup as good old Genghis, which makes him NOT a descendant.

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  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Article also elevates Tom Bopp to royalty. He is NOT a descendant of Marie Antoinette. His [and her] mtDNA indicates they share a common ancestor.