02 December 2006

San Francisco: A nice Jewish boy is funny

Comedian Dan Adhoot grew up a nice Jewish boy in Great Neck, N.Y.; his favorite foods are from the marvelous Persian kitchen that reflect his heritage. He goes for gondi instead of matzo balls.

This son of Iranian Jewish immigrants will be a headliner at the 14th annual Kung Pao Kosher Comedy, held during Christmas week at the New Asia Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.

Ahdoot - who grew up in one of the large Persian Jewish communities in America - introduces himself as an Iranian, though he quickly adds: “I was Iranian up until Sept. 11, and now I’m Puerto Rican. It makes life a lot easier.”

There are several Ahdoot families, and one married into our Dardashti family -- if you're wondering why this piece is in a Jewish genealogy blog!

To read the article from J, the Jewish news weekly in San Francisco, click here

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