26 December 2006

Practical Archivist: Great tips from a new blog

Sally Jacobs of Madison, Wisconsin, describes her new blog as "Archiving tips and geeky tidbits for genealogists, history buffs, and keepers of the family photo album. Written by an archivist who never met an antique photograph she didn't like."

Her latest posting offers information on the Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project at the University of California at Santa Barbara, which includes 6,000 digitized wax-cylinder recordings dating back to 1895. The collection includes Tin Pan Alley music, vaudeville performances and advertisements.

According to UCSB, the goal was to make the collection available to researchers and the public. Access is completely free and you can download a copy for personal use for no charge.

Jacobs includes other information and links to Web sites offering information on obsolete technologies. This may be helpful, since an important piece of your family history may have been recorded in a medium not commonly available today.

She also offers great hints on working with family photographs, video tips on interviewing senior family members looking through photo albums and more.

The Practical Archivist blog should be on all of our must-read lists.

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