03 December 2006

New online genealogy classes

For several years, I taught basic Jewish Genealogy and Jewish Internet Research for MyFamily.com.

It was a great experience, and co-teacher Micha Reisel and I thoroughly enjoyed helping students learn not only the basics, but how to find the information they needed. Our students lived in the U.S., UK, Canada, the Canary Islands, France, Australia, Israel and other countries.

In several classes, students discovered not only research partners of the same geographical areas, but even relatives!

Last year, when MyFamily.com dropped the online classes for various reasons -the classes were called "the best-kept secret in genealogy" - the former instructors joined together to see how we could continue to assist those interested in researching their families around the world.

I'm delighted to report that GenClass - Genealogy Classes Online is now live for January class registration. The February schedule is also up, as is information about each instructor and class outlines.

While Micha and I will be teaching the Jewish genealogy classes, other experienced instructors will offer January 2007 classes in Adoption Investigation, Family Tree Maker 16 (basic), Jump Start Your Genealogy, Lost Friends and Family Investigation, Scottish, Native American and Northeastern U.S. Genealogy.

In February, classes will include basic/intro Jewish Genealogy, Adoption Investigation, Eastern European Genealogy (basic), Organizing Your Family History, Write Your Family History Step-by-Step and Lost Friends and Family Investigation.

Each four-week class has a detailed curriculum, two lessons to be downloaded each week, online class meetings and other features. Each class costs a nominal $29.95. Other classes and instructors may be added later in 2007, including advanced versions of some of the basic classes.

International readers are welcome; the class language is English, as are all printed materials.

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