09 December 2006

Making corrections to Yad Vashem data

If you have checked over various databases and discovered errors, be sure to let the database managers know about the problems. While it may take some time for corrections to appear online, or for comments to be noted, they will get done.

A few days ago, I was delighted to receive a note from Sandrine Rebibo of Yad Vashem's Reference and Information Service. I had submitted corrections to Pages of Testimony some time ago, and her message informed me that the updates will eventually appear.

The note, read in part:

We have accepted the corrections you suggested as follows:

- Record regarding Bookbinder Talalay Luba - we have corrected the victim's first name to Luba instead of Lova.
- Record regarding Talalay Gita - we have corrected the places in the record to Mogilev, Belorussia instead of Mogilev Podolski, Ukraine.
- Record regarding Talalay Leib - we have changed the submitter's status (not a survivor instead of survivor).

Please note that the Internet version of our database is only updated periodically, so it may take some time for your correction to appear online.

We appreciate your assistance in perfecting our system.

I have thanked Sandrine for her assistance.


  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    My experience has not been that good. In March 2005, I reported an error back where a person has been lined to the wrong Page of Testimony image.

    Last June I asked for an update and I was told that "For technical reasons, we have had trouble fixing such mistakes, but no, 16 months is to long, and I want to apologize for our tardiness and we will make every attempt to have it fixed before the next update".

    As of today, the error has not been fixed.

  2. Hi, Yaacov

    Maybe you need to write again and remind them?

    It is my experience that most database teams work on a several-months schedule of updating - some longer than others - and it is likely on the basis of "get the easy things done before tackling the harder things."

    I wish you luck. Let us know when it is fixed or when you hear from them again.


  3. My experience has also not been that good. It is well over a year since I submitted corrections, plus additional information and photos of some family members who perished, and none of this has been put online as yet.

  4. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I have not had a good experience with trying to update Yad Vashem entries, either. I sent photos, additional information, and corrections about 18 months ago. They are still not online.

  5. If it has been a year, I would write again. I'm sure that Yad Vashem receives many corrections and they are likely inundated with requests, in addition to their other responsibilities.

    Never give up!