13 December 2006

Genealogy video clips on YouTube, Google

Dick Eastman's newsletter talks about genealogy videos he has found on Google.

Last week, while searching around for interesting things, I discovered genealogy clips on YouTube.

Among them, worth viewing just for fun, is an animation of "I'm my own Grampaw."

Ayana Sadetzky-Kimran has posted a piece about her 2006 trip "Back to Bricheva in Soroka District" (Bessarabia).

"It's the Bronx" covers the meanderings of the Schornstein/Sloane family.

And the finale is a two-parter of Julie Andrews and Gene Kelly singing "The Family Tree" on Andrews' show of long ago.

There are many more video clips related to genealogy. Some are compelling and others, not so much.


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Yeah, agreed. Some are interesting, others are garbage and do nothing more than plug a service. Infomercials have now invaded the genealogy space the same way they have cable and the way SPAM has flooded our inboxes. Shame! To see an example, do a YouTube search on census records.

  2. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Schelly -

    I have started a video sharing site devoted to Genealogy and Family History video. It is in its infancy. It would be great if your readers could stop by and post their own videos or others related to Genealogy that they have come across on the Web.


    Thanks -


  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I recommend people commit the results of their genealogy research to video. Video has great potential to engage family members (like the grandkids) who may not have the time to read all the documents - and who might find it cool to see their family history on YouTube. Also, I believe we have a duty to future generations to record (audio or video) our surviving old ones' stories.