02 December 2006

Family Tree DNA opens European office

With 120,000 individual entries in its DNA databases, Houston-based Family Tree DNA claims to be the largest DNA databases for genealogical purposes in the world, and it also administers more than 3,700 individual surname projects containing some 58,000 unique surnames.

This week, the company simultaneously opened its first European office and international version of its popular Web site.

With headquarters in Zurich, the new office - operated by iGENEA - will offer customer support and news in Spanish, French, Italian, German and English, while providing local shipping and payment in European currencies.

“Opening this new office is just the latest company expansion designed to improve services to our customers,” says Family Tree DNA President Bennett Greenspan. “It solves the problem of our international clientele preferring to pay for our products in their specific country’s currency or in euros and being able to write an e-mail or pick up the phone to ask a question in their own language.”


  1. hey thanks for posting this Schelly !

    by the way you looked great on that Roots TV special :)

    Ken -

  2. Thanks, Ken.

    I'm usually doing the interviewing in my activities, and being interviewed was a bit scary!