16 December 2006

"60 Minutes" and the long-secret Bad Arolsen records

With the so-called Holocaust conference in Tehran making the front pages, readers should watch "60 Minutes" (in the US, at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CBS), on Dec. 17, or for more, click here.

The show features the Bad Arolsen Holocaust archive in Germany, which has recently been opened to the public after long being off-limits to researchers, and only grudgingly accessible to the families of victims. This massive archive contains information on more than 17 million Holocaust victims, on 16 miles of shelves holding 50 million pages of documents.

The show describes a visit to the archives by CBS News' Scott Pelley with three Jewish survivors who saw their own records. The show secured a private viewing of the records for Miki Schwartz of San Diego, and New Yorkers Walter Feiden and Jack Rosenthal.

You may want to let your circle of friends and family and discussion lists know about this.

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