02 November 2006

Soon ... in the Northwest

My upcoming trip also takes me from Houston to Salt Lake City for a conference committee meeting for the 27th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy(July 15-19, 2007; website will open later this month), and visits to Roots Television and MyFamily.com. Let me know if you have questions you want me to ask while I'm there.

From there, I travel to the Northwest and will speak in Seattle, Eugene and Portland:

Check the society websites for information on time and location.

This will also be a welcome opportunity to meet Tracing the Tribe readers and visit with friends and family.

A busy trip and back in time to start cooking for Thanksgiving


  1. I have been perusing your blog and also found this post on your speaking engagements. I live just north of Seattle, but I have a conflicting meeting Monday night and, darn it!, I won't be able to hear you speak. I hope it goes well for you and I think your work is fantastic!

  2. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Hi Tracey~

    As Schelly's blog is known, more readers will add comments, making this a truly interactive way to communicate.

    Are you aware of the JGS societies around the country and more specifically in Seattle?

    Please feel free to visit the WSJGS web site and to contact me directly so you can learn what future lectures planned for 2007. Schelly was the first of several out of town speakers.

    JGSWS taped Schelly's talk; so you will be able to view it. Please contact me.

    President, JGSWS

  3. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Hi Tracey-

    I am correcting my early morning typo. Our JGS in Washington State is JGSWS.


  4. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Thank you, Tracey, for your kind words. Please contact Lyn Blyden, president of the JGSWS, who will be happy to keep you informed of their speakers in the future.