25 November 2006

More and more about Horowitzes

Are you Horowitz, Horovitz, Ish-Horovitz, Hurwitz, Gurwitz, Gurovich, Gurevich or another name variant?

If so, you should be interested in the Horowitz Families Association's upcoming convention and seminar in Tel Aviv on Dec. 20, which will focus this year on "Women from the House of Horowitz."

Shlomo Gurevich, who maintains the association's Web site, also announced that after five years of work, his CD on the Horowitz family history and genealogy is available.

He has also released an English-language book on the family: Gurevich, Gurovich, Gurvich, Gorvich, Gurvitz, Horowitz and others. The History of a Great Family, published previously in Russian.

It contains the history and genealogy of this famous Jewish family, from Girona in medieval Spain through Bohemia, Poland, Germany and Austria to Russia, Israel and the Americas. Association members live around the world.

Additionally, the book offers 147 biographies of family members, including rabbis, scholars, artists, scientists, engineers, musicians, soldiers, writers, revolutionaries, secret service agents, Zionists and Heroes of the Soviet Union.

Among them: Rabbi Zerachyah Ha-Levi from Girona, the Holy SheLaH, M. Gurevich (aircraft designer), V. Horowitz, Karl Marx, F. Dan, N. Zarkhi and Rabbi Israel Meir Lau.

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