24 November 2006

Is genealogy coming to prime time TV?

Gen TV may be on its way to the United States.

I’ve mentioned genealogy shows in the U.K. (“Who do you think you are?") and Canada (“Ancestors in the Attic”), and wondered why they aren’t shown worldwide.

Well, worldwide viewers may be in for a treat after all.

Earlier in November, UPI announced that major US television networks are bidding for the popular British show focusing on tracing celebrity genealogies. The raw reactions of the celebrities as they find out about their ancestors are presented on camera.

The Times of London reported that NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox are competing for U.S. rights, and that Discovery, National Geographic and the History Channel are also interested. According to the article, CBS says Julia Roberts may appear in a U.S. prime-time special to launch the show.

The BBC rejected the show’s idea 15 years ago – it now attracts some 6 million viewers.


  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Polish television has recently begun a series called "Family Secrets" in which they explore the family history of prominent show business personalities and sometimes have surprise family reunions. I believe the show was inspired by the BBC genealogy series.

  2. Hi, Yale,
    Good to hear from you. Maybe you can suggest that they do a surprise reunion with our Talalai in Warsaw?