14 October 2006

Thank you!

I thought I'd take a few minutes and thank you for reading Tracing the Tribe.

This adventure along Discovery Road is always fascinating.

I've been keeping track of where readers are located - it is a truly global community.

While readers in the U.S., Canada, Western Europe and Israel represent the largest numbers, also represented are Australia, Iran, Nigeria, Dubai, Malaysia, India, Ireland, Colombia, South Africa, Philippines and even Papua, New Guinea!

I'd like to encourage readers to leave comments, ask questions, and to let me know if you've discovered a new resource or relevant website and think everyone should know.

Best wishes,



  1. You forgot to mention that there are individuals in Poland reading your blog as well! :-)

  2. Hi, Eugene,

    Thank you for posting a comment. I am always delighted to hear from readers around the world.