04 October 2006

Shaloha from Hawaii

A few decades or more down the line, as our descendants begin to trace their ancestors (us!), they may be looking in some unusual places, including the Jewish section of a cemetery in Hilo, Hawaii.

Shaloha, of course, combines Shalom and Aloha.

The Canadian Jewish News recently had a great story on the Jewish community on Hawaii’s big island, where some 200 members of the Northern Hawaii Chavurah and Kona Beth Shalom (KBS) cover some 100 square miles.

The Big (Jewish) Kahuna is an orthopedic surgeon who arrived 11 years ago from Northern California. He’s the KBS lay leader, performs weddings and entertains with his klezmer band.

The story provides insight in how Jewish "pioneers" organize and provide for their isolated community.

Tracing the Tribe is waiting for the announcement of the Kona Jewish Genealogical Society!

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