26 October 2006

The man who never sleeps - update

Does Steve Lasky of the Museum of Family History ever sleep?

Warszawa List Update

I recently posted about his list of 16,000 immigrants from Warszawa from the Ellis Island Database. Today, he's announced that the total is now 46,000.

If you couldn’t find information before, try again here, and for the complete Warszawa collection index page, click here.

Lower East Side Synagogues

Steve recently went to New York City's Lower East Side and photographed the synagogues that are still standing. The Greek Romaniote synagogue of Ionnina (Janina) has been renovated and the Eldridge Street site is now being renovated.

Steve has created a Web page featuring six of the remaining synagogues along with such details as the year they were built, the address and short histories. He’s planning to add to this feature in the future.

Tony Robins reminds me that another page on Lasky's site lists Manhattan synagogues that existed during 1910-1915.

And for the Bronx

Joy Rich reminds me that there is also online information about Bronx synagogues. She's editor of Dorot, the journal of the Jewish Genealogical Society of New York, and this past summer's issue carried an article about Dr. Seymour Perlin, the man behind the Bronx project.

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