20 October 2006

Kurzweil to speak in Kansas City

The first genealogy book I ever read was Arthur Kurzweil's From Generation to Generation: How to Trace Your Jewish Genealogy and Family History.

His book set me on the discovery road I’ve been following since 1989.

It was from Kurzweil that I learned that it was possible to trace my family, that all the discouraging stories I had heard about the impossibilities were myths, and that the earliest Jews in some Polish towns, according to archival records, were post-Expulsion Sephardic refugees.

If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, make sure you attend.

This time, readers in Kansas City are the lucky ones.

Kurzweil will be the featured speaker at Congregation Beth Israel Abraham & Voliner’s program, “Jewish Genealogy as a Spirited Pilgrimage,” on Oct. 27-28.

Click here for the complete story from the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle.

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