18 October 2006

Keeping up with technology in genealogy

Have you found yourself trying to remember what a typewriter looks like? When did you last use one?

I have trouble remembering what we did before e-mail. Smoke signals, maybe?

When you see the phrase "Morse code," what's your first thought? Old Western movies and the town telegraph office or Steve Morse’s One-Step pages?

While many of my friends have rooms bursting with wall-to-wall equipment whose applications are mysterious, I’ve finally been dragged into the digital camera era.

It's hard to keep up with the constant stream of technological advances, but a new magazine exploring the convergence of genealogy and technology may help us sort it all out.

The Digital Genealogist (edited by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CG, CGL) will focus on the use of technology in genealogy and all its applications. Kerstens edited Genealogical Computing magazine for almost seven years until it was discontinued a few months ago.

The first issue will be out in November, distributed via e-mail as a PDF. The annual subscription is $20 per year.


  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    The Digital Genealogist may turn out to be a great e-publication, but the website is terrible. It loads so slowly that I could bake a cake while waiting!

  2. Hi, Marlene,

    New websites take time to tweak. Give them a chance!