27 September 2006

Are you a Newburger or Neuburger?

A nice story in the Cleveland Jewish News, www.clevelandjewishnews.com popped up on my screen today:

Genealogy, memoir writing reunites family separated by the Holocaust
by John Newburger

In the 67 years since my family fled Nazi Germany, this summer was the first time I met another Newburger, a Neuburger to be precise.

I met Werner Neuburger, the second cousin I never knew I had. And I met about 50 members of my extended family - all Neuburger descendants of my grandfather's brother - from throughout the eastern U.S., at an annual gathering of the family at the New Jersey shore.

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  1. Anonymous11:57 PM

    I am Newburger, but I don't know any others out there. I am from Maryland.

  2. You might want to contact the author of the article.

    Also, check the JewishGen Family Finder at www.jewishgen.org. You will find many Newburger/Neuberger.


  3. I am Arnold Neiburger. This is a correct spelling of our last name.
    The origin of the family is
    Neuberg an der Kammel. Later the first Neiburger was recorded in Buchau.

    Make search Neiburger Buchau
    Neiburger Einstein.

    Neuburger is a modern German version of Neiburger.
    Newburger is an Americanism.