09 March 2011

UK: Tracing the Tribe noted in gen mag

When one is recuperating from a bug, it is nice to hear from friends providing good news.

Such was the case with two emails in two days - from geneablogger FootnoteMaven and Jeremy Frankel (president of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society - both informing Tracing the Tribe that we were featured in the spring issue of the UK genealogy magazine, Your Family Tree.

Jeremy, now visiting in the UK, is bringing back a copy of the issue for us.

Alan Crosby wrote an excellent article about genealogy blogging and mentioned the "Top Three: Unsung Heroes," including Tracing the Tribe.

It was very nice to be recognized alongside Heritage of Wales and The Victorianist.

His story noted another good friend - Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers.com. Crosby mentioned that Thomas now lists some 1,200 categorized genealogy blogs, but a more accurate count is now in the neighborhood of 1,700!

Dick Eastman and other US and UK geneabloggers were mentioned in the story, which gave a nuts and bolts take on setting up a genealogy blog.

It also shows off Tracing the Tribe's logo, designed by the above-mentioned - and very talented - FootnoteMaven!

Thank you, Alan Crosby!


  1. I know for a fact, from being there, that you are the hardest working genealogy blogger online!

    And congratulations as well for you Family Tree Mag. 2011 Top 40 win.

    You are the woman!


    P.S. Thank you for the nod.

  2. Congrats on your "40 Best" win!