02 March 2011

Back home again!

It is great to be back home again in New Mexico!

WDYTYA Live 2011 was a great experience - despite feeling a bit under the weather - and I managed to see some of my Bombay Dardashti cousins and Persian and British friends.

Genner personalities also included Lisa Louise Cooke (blogging for Family Tree magazine), photo detective Maureen Taylor, and Dick Eastman. Dick will be back in the UK in about six weeks for the one-name guild event.

Tracing the Tribe, of course, will be back in the UK in May for the Society of Genealogists' Centenary Conference and the JGS of Great Britain's Manchester one-day conference, followed by the National Genealogical Society's event in Charleston.

I'm trying to get things organized during March, while at home.

I'm already looking forward to next year's event. Wondering when the NBC version of the show will spawn a US-version of WDYTYA Live here at home. The event is so different from what we experience here at gen conferences and it might really take off as it would attract those who are really just beginning and want a "gen lite" experience.

Even better, our daughter arrived yesterday for a visit. Unfortunately, she seems to have the "bug" that is going around New York (and many other places!).

Chicken soup seems to be on the menu over the next few days, and also hoping it helps take care of this still coughing blogger and the bug from Salt Lake City!

Sorting through what seems like a thousand emails, notices from Jamboree, submissions to other conferences.

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  1. Anonymous1:48 AM

    Next time you go to Europe, you could spend some days in Barcelona, Schelly... all of us we miss you !!!!