10 January 2011

Litvak SIG: 2,000+ internal passports added to database

Still searching for your elusive Litvak relatives?

The Litvak SIG database has been updated with 2,235 internal passport records (1919-1940) for  Panevezys, Birzai, Telsiai, Siauliai District and Ukmerge.

This is a good reason to "cast that wider net" we always talk about in Jewish genealogy. Although those towns may not be on your radar, check them anyway. People moved around and those passports list town of birth which could have been anywhere in Lithuania.

It's also good to remind readers that although their immediate family may have left for other countries before that date, but relatives may have remained.

Check the database here.

If you find information, contributions to the Internal Passport Project for your town of choice are always welcome. Find more information about donations here. Those who contribute receive records as soon as they are translated, some 18 months before they are added to the database.

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