06 September 2010

Geneabloggers: 11 new geneablogs this week

Thomas MacEntee never sits still! Does he ever sleep? He's found 11 more new geneablogs this week.

Geneabloggers.com total is now 1,270. Wow!

Among the new ones: Individual family history, cemetery, Hispanic, Mexican, Texas, society, conference, food, African-American, South Carolina, research, education, and vendor-related.

Go to his post to read more about each new addition.

An American Mutt
Individual family history

Beyond the Ghosts – A Cemetery Blog
On the last Friday of each month, it spotlights the month's top five interesting articles on historic cemetery preservation, and received two heritage preservation grants in 2009.
Cemetery blog

Christensen Family History
Individual family history

Cuesta Genealogy
Also the Ortiz, Cajero, Saldana, Villarreal, Urdiales families.
Hispanic genealogy, Individual family history, Mexican genealogy, Texas genealogy

Family History Treasures
UK Society of Genealogists blog
Research, UK genealogy

The Society of Genealogists Conference Blog
SoG's Centenary Conference blog (May 7, 2011)
Genealogy conference blog, UK genealogy

Spotlights community cookbooks
Recipe and food blogs

Individual family history (many Jewish families)

Restore the Ancestors Project
Recovering names of 30,000 enslaved South Carolina ancestors
African-American genealogy, Research blogs, South Carolina

Saving Stories
African-American genealogy, Genealogy education, Vendor-related (Heritage

Whitney-Nay Family History
Individual family history

Take a look at what interests you, and welcome them to the geneablogger community.

Thanks, Thomas, for more good ones.

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