08 August 2010

New Zealand: On a different note

According to J-Wire - which covers Jewish news in Australia and New Zealand, Radio New Zealand will broadcast "The Art of the Cantor."

The story reports that the series of eight weekly programs will begin at 7pm, on Thursday, September 2.

The series focuses on the music of the 20th century's greatest cantorial voices, such as Richard Tucker, Gershon Sirota, Yossele Rosenblatt, Moyshe Oysher, Jan Peerce, The Koussevitzky brothers and others.

For those unfamiliar with Jewish clergy, the cantor or hazzan often fills diverse tasks, including leading worship, officiating at life cycle events, education of children and adults, synagogue music and pastoral care. This is in addition to roles handled by rabbis of congregations.

The program is hosted by internationally known Sephardic Hazzan Alberto Mizrahi, of Anshe Emet Synagogue (Chicago, Illinois). It provides historical background and personal insight into the lives and voices of these spiritual and musical leaders.

Here are the eight programs and the focus of each segment:

1: Greatest Cantors of the 20th Century, 1
2: Greatest Cantors of the 20th Century, 2
3: Greatest Cantors of the 20th Century, 3
4: Operatic Cantors and Cantors in Opera
5: The Cantor in America
6: Cantors in Concert
7: The Western European Tradition
8: Cantors After the Golden Age

New Zealand listeners are in for a treat!

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  1. Anonymous11:21 PM

    This program was produced by WFMT in Chicago, and more detailed information is available at http://www.wfmt.com/main.taf?p=1,1,41,61