08 August 2010

Genealogy In Time: 20 tips to good genblogging

An interesting article over at GenealogyInTime listed 20 tips on what makes a good genealogy blog.

Blogs are the cornerstone of any online community. Some genealogy blogs are excellent, others are very good and some need work. In the interest of improving the quality of dialog in the genealogy community, GenealogyInTime™ has made a list of what we think makes a good genealogy blog.
The list can also be applied to all types of blogs - and their readers - not just geneablogs.

Do you think Tracing the Tribe meets these items?

As a journalist, many are second nature.

As a Jewish genealogist, I believe it is important to provide content pointing to many diverse resources and subjects because Jewish genealogy is multi-disciplinary. It covers Jewish history, secular history, sociology, anthropology, books, events, films, databases, new online resources, little-known communities, languages, DNA, Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Mizrahim, food traditions and a long list of other essential information, including news stories impacting what and how we research our families and locations of interest.

Read the full descriptions of each tip here.
1. Quality of Writing
2. Original Content
3. Distinctive Voice
4. See a Need, Fill a Need
5. Use Proper Headlines
6. Regular Updates
7. Avoid Filler Material
8. Quality over Quantity
9. Stay on Topic
10. Set a Consistent Pace
11. Use More than Just Words
12. Mix it Up
13. Criticism is cheap
14. No Copying
15. Provide Proper Attribution
16. Attribution is Not the Same as Approval
17. Disclose All Payments
18. Share Good Sources
19. Share Your Success
20. Inspire Others

Does Tracing the Tribe: The Jewish Genealogy Blog meet these points? I'd like to hear from readers.

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  1. Thank you for this article. I think Tracing the Tribe does an excellent job of covering these 20 points! I especially enjoy the variety of well-written articles you provide. You get an A+ in my book as to originality, distinctive voice, and meeting a need. Colorful and fun, too.