05 August 2010

Call for Papers: Jews in Asia, Asian Jews in the US

There's a call for papers and panelists covering Jews in Asia and Asian Jews in the United States at the upcoming joint conference of the Association of Asian Studies/International Convention of Asia Scholars, set for Honolulu, March 31-April 3, 2011.

A two-hour panel has been scheduled for the topics. At least one additional presenter or discussant is needed, in addition to a panel chair.

Currently, papers have been received on: Baghdadi Jews in Malaya, Singapore and and Hong Kong during the Japanese Occupation; Indian Jews in the United States; and Luso-Sephardic Jews and their descendants in Goa.

Those interested in participating, submitting papers or obtaining additional information, should contact Dr. Joan Roland.

Tracing the Tribe reminds those interested that the 31st IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy (Washington, DC; August 2011) is also an appropriate venue for talks on such little-known Jewish communities. The Call for Papers for DC 2011 is coming up.

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