09 July 2010

JewishGen: ShtetLink pages updated

The creators and webmasters of ShtetLinks at JewishGen strive to preserve the memory of their ancestral towns and villages.

An update sent by Susana Leistner Bloch indicated the following new and updated links:

Here are the new ones:

-- Belozerka, Ukraine
-- Dzialoszyn (Zaloshin), Poland
-- Eger (Erlau), Hungary
-- Mattersburg (Nagymarton,Mattersdorf) , Austria
-- Osjaków (Shakev), Poland
-- Volodymyrets (Vladimirets), Ukraine
-- Wloclawek (Vloatzlavek, Leslau)
-- Zhuravno (Zurawno, Zuravna) (G)
Some shtetlpages were created by individuals who can no longer maintain them. Those sites are considered "orphaned" and are available for "adoption." Here they are:

-- Borisov, Belarus
-- Craiova (Belkiralymezo, Canalu) / Dolj County, Romania
-- Kamiensk (Kaminsk), Poland
-- Krnov (Jaegerndorf), Czech Republic
-- Lask, Poland
-- Rozdil (Rozdol), Ukraine
Pages recently updated:

-- Berdichev/Berdychiv, Ukraine
-- Bodrogkeresztur (Keresztur)
-- Podgaytsy (Podhajce) (G)
-- Radom, Poland
-- Yurovshchina (Labun)
If you wish to create a ShtetLinks webpage for your ancestral shtetl or adopt an existing "orphaned" shtetlpage, contact the project.

There are even people to help you creat a webpage for your ancestral home. Contact Susana Leistner Bloch for more information.

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