07 July 2010

Eastern Europe: Need a researcher?

Are you looking to hire a professional researcher in Eastern Europe? Not quite sure whom to ask?

JewishGen has come to the rescue following input from special-interest group members who have had good experiences dealing with Eastern European genealogists and researchers.

The goal was to provide JewishGen users with an option to find help.

Not everyone has the patience, experience or language skills to do it on their own, so this list may be of interest to those who wish to engage professionals to help.

See the list here.

Disclaimer: JewishGen has not independently checked these individuals. They are listed because other researchers had good experiences. Determine what you want a professional researcher to do for you and do understand the costs involved.

For more information on working with professional genealogists or researchers, click here.

If you have information to share on those listed or wish to add additional individuals, contact the project coordinator Peter Haas.

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