26 June 2010

New York: Samberg High School Program

Are you interested in getting your children, grandchildren or other members of the younger generations involved in the pursuit of family history?

The Center for Jewish History offers an academic summer fellowship for high school students each summer.

The Samberg Family History Program runs June 28-July 23 this summer.

The program is a multi-faceted exploration of Jewish history and the participants' families pasts.

It draws upon all resources at the CJH, including its world-renowned collections of books, archival documents, photographs, artifacts, paintings, films, sound recordings and textiles. It involves the Center's expert curators, archivists, and librarians, as well as historians and educators.

The Samberg Family Foundation provides full tuition fellowships to all participants, who are recognized as Samberg High School Fellows:
As a Fellow, you are both a student, learning a subject, and an apprentice, pursuing research into the Jewish past alongside the worldwide community of academics, genealogists, and others who come to use the collections housed at the Center for Jewish History.
The program is co-sponsored by the CJH's Genealogy Institute and the American Jewish Historical Society.

Although the program begins in a few days, there may be a few spots still open, so contact them to learn more.

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