09 June 2010

France: GenAmi issue 52 contents

Micheline Gutmann informs us that the June issue of GenAmi is now available.

GenAmi 52 is published by the French Jewish genealogy organization GenAmi.org.

Here's what's in the new issue:

-- The Jews' First Return to France (It was in the 16th century): Lionel Levy
-- What occurred in 1510: The birth of Gracia Nasi,"The Senora" : Anne-Marie Fribourg
-- The history of Pastel in Lauragais (Tolosa and surroundings): Anne-Marie Fribourg
-- Los Bernuy from the Juderia of Avila to Tolosa (this Jewish family from Spain were Tolosa judges after their conversion) ... and Pierre de Fermat: Stephane Lalllich
-- Our relatives in Great Britain : families PICARD and BOMSEL of Upper-Rhine, Elie Camille ESPIR of Bordeaux, HAUSER and LANG of Durmenach:Micheline Gutmann
-- Jean Ferrat, a famous singer, genealogy : his father came from Russia, was
-- The origins of the ancient Hebrews, a major discovery of Joseph Davidovits: Micheline Gutmann.
-- Acquisitions: The Jewish community of Puttelange-aux-Lacs et environs and of Porrentruy aux 19e et 20e si├Ęcles; Vilna, Wilno, Vilnius; Une histoire des Juifs de Pologne; Archives juives n°42/1
-- GenAmi Competition and awards
-- Genealogy Press Review; Jan Karski: Catherine Tomat
There's also information about the French national genealogical conference, set for September 25-26, 2010, in Paris.

For more information on the organization, how to join and obtain a copy of this issue, click here.

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