22 May 2010

JGSLA 2010: Jewpardy is back!

Don't know an ahnentafel from a taffy apple? A Gedcom from a Jedi?

If you love game shows and you love genealogy, this is the event for you! Just come along and join the fun at JGSLA 2010, July 11-16, in Los Angeles.

Tracing the Tribe had such a great time at the Jewish Genealogical Game Show Night (aka Jewpardy) at last year's Philadelphia conference that I wanted to give this year's edition a mention all on its own!

Be prepared to roll in the aisles (wear appropriate attire!) and laugh your socks off (just wear sandals!) with emcee Jordan Auslander, a perennial comedic favorite (and accomplished genealogist).

Regardless of whether you're a potential contestant or an innocent bystander, you'll love this fun-filled program. Last year, we saw Team Litvak vs Team Galizianer, Team Sephard vs Team Ashkenaz. Who knows what's in store this year?

The 2010 edition will feature new "Jewpardy" answers to stump professionals and challenge newbies. Now's the time to review your knowledge of terminology, historical facts, Jewish geography and Yiddish slang. Flex those fingers, as you've got to be able to hit a buzzer on cue!

Jordan is the consummate gameshow host and nothing - we mean nothing - is sacred!

There'll even be prizes.

Mark your conference calendar now for 10.30-11.30pm, Monday, July 12.

This event is only for registered conference-goers, so don't miss the fun. If you haven't registered yet, this is another reason not to miss JGSLA 2010; click the link to find all essential details.

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