03 April 2010

JGSLA 2010: Ways to get the word out!

Each annual conference is the place where everything new in Jewish genealogy is announced, demonstrated, discussed and thoroughly enjoyed.

From lectures to workshops to SIG luncheons, IAJGS awards, business matters, creative initiatives - this is where it happens. This is where the research juices flow and where additional ideas and projects germinate

Most of today's leaders in the Jewish genealogy world got their start and met some of their closest friends today at these conferences.

The LA conference is shaping up to be one of the best in recent years, in my opinion. Tracing the Tribe thinks that you will also find it stimulating, creative, fulfilling and well worth the investment to attend regardless of whether you live close by in Los Angeles, or will be coming from Israel, Europe, South America, Canada or Australia.

No matter where you live you can help get the word out to more people. "The more the merrier" holds true for these annual conferences. We learn from the international experts presenting, from the people we share lunch or just a cup of coffee with. We never know whom we'll be sitting with at a program and they may just provide the "missing link" for which we've been searching for a very long time.

Here are some suggestions for getting the word out about JGSLA 2010 (June 11-16, Los Angeles).

These are methods that everyone can use, no matter where you live. They are also adaptable to your own genealogical and historical society's programs throughout the year.

Jobs everyone can do, no matter where you live:

Get-the-Word-Out Volunteers: Everyone can help with this in their own communities. It involves "plugging" the conference with a brief presentation at your synagogue, JCC, library, Hadassah group, Chavurah, relevant committee meetings, youth groups, Jewish school, etc.

If speaking, even briefly, isn't your thing, here are other suggestions:

-- Post a conference fliers on community institution bulletin boards.

-- Leave fliers in the lobby for visitors.

-- Major event coming up at your synagogue or school? Ask the office if the conference flier can be included in a mailing or if conference information can be included in the weekly Shabbat handout.

-- Ask your rabbi to mention the conference at Friday night or Saturday morning services. The rabbi may be even more willing to tie it in to a bar/bat mitzvah, baby naming, calling the bride and groom for an aliya, or other life cycle event. Perhaps he or she may be willing to say a few words on how recording Jewish family history connects the generations, past, present and future.

Materials Available: There is a JPG flier to print and post (at synagogues, JCCs, libraries, local Judaica stores or kosher markets, Jewish schools, etc.) or stacks of fliers to distribute to the same places.

Most community institutions have a location in the lobby where fliers for relevant events can be placed for patrons and visitors, as well as bulletin boards to display fliers.

If you'd like to have a speaker come to talk about the conference to your organization, club, women's or men's group, that can also be arranged. That's a great way to let new people know about Jewish genealogy and the conference.

Click here to learn all about volunteering for the JGSLA 2010 event or email volunteer coordinator Lois Rosen for more information.

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