09 March 2010

WDYTYA: Lisa Kudrow, March 19

The March 19 episode of the US-version of Who Do You Think You Are? features the show's executive producer - actress Lisa Kudrow.

The episode includes Kudrow's trip back to Belarus and the answer to her father's lifelong question.

Since childhood, Lisa Kudrow ("Friends") has known that her grandmother Gertrude had it tough. Gertrude's mother, Meri, perished in the Holocaust.

Lisa's father recalls hearing about her death from a young Polish sailor, a cousin named Yuri who was last seen in New York in the late 1940s. Lisa's father never forgot Yuri for warning him and his family to leave their village for safety before the Nazi army invasion.

From Los Angeles to Belarus, to the actual village where Meri once lived, Lisa's journey reveals clues leading her to something neither she nor her father ever thought possible.

The show airs Fridays, 8-9pm ET on NBC.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Lisa,

    Bless you and your father for sharing with us this intimate and poignant part of your lives. Jews all over the world should be grateful to you and your Dad. I cried along with you throughout the program.