11 February 2010

Only in America: The Jewish experience

The new Philadelphia-based National Museum of American Jewish History has produced a video, "It's Your Story." Perhaps it should be titled "Only in America."
The new National Museum of American Jewish History is dedicated to telling the still-unfolding story of Jews in America, who embraced freedom with its choices and challenges as they shaped and were shaped by our nation.

The Museum envisions its new home as a place that welcomes all people, inviting them to discover what they have in common with the Jewish experience in America, as well as to explore the features that make this history distinctive.

Rising five stories above Independence Mall, in the heart of historic Philadelphia, the National Museum of American Jewish History will join Independence Hall, the National Constitution Center, the Liberty Bell and other landmarks at the hallowed site of America's birth. There could not be a more fitting place for a museum that will explore the promise and challenges of liberty through the lends of the American Jewish experience.
Tracing the Tribe recommends the video, which demonstrates various aspects of the American Jewish community's achievements.

View it here or below

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