08 February 2010

JewishGen: ViewMate improvements

New social networking features will be added to JewishGen's ViewMate feature from February 20.

Participants submit letters, documents and photos for translation and to identify people, clothing, artifacts, etc., to ViewMate and post about the item on the discussion group lists. Readers can then go to the link and provide assistance.

-- Visitors to the ViewMate Image Gallery will see the number of responses each item has received.

-- When visitors view any image, they will see responses submitted -- just as users of blogs and other social media sites see comments posted.

-- Volunteers will see immediately if they need to add a different translation or another response.

The online response form is available after logging in to JewishGen.

-- Submitters of documents and other images will be able to select which responses to display on a submission's page in both the Image Gallery and the Archive. They will also be able to close a submission to additional responses whenever they choose.

These functions will be available in a user's "My ViewMate" after login to JewishGen.

ViewMate will become a more usable and dynamic site.

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